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Lutheran Theological Seminary in Novosibirsk offers a classical Lutheran education on a post-graduate level to men preparing for the ecclesiastical ministry in the Lutheran Church.

This seminary, the only Lutheran school of its type in the Asian part of Russia, does not limit its enrollment to people from any specific region. Other conditions being equal, however, preference is given to students from Siberia and the Far East.

The seminary welcomes candidates from various Russian-speaking Lutheran churches. Admission to the seminary is based on an interview and an entrance test. The blessing and recommendation of the bishop (the spiritual prior) of the church of the candidate are required. In certain cases the recommendation of a parish pastor would suffice.

Our program specializes in preparation for the holy ministry in the church. Since our strict allegiance to the Holy Scriptures and Christian tradition does not make it possible for us to offer pastoral education to females, only males are admitted. In the future some program of deaconal training for females might be introduced, but as of now this is not available.

A secular university or college degree is highly desirable. Under certain conditions, however, students may be admitted who have an incomplete higher education, or none at all. Such students are given a trial period during which they must demonstrate an ability to succeed in their academic studies at the seminary. The duration of such a period is normally one semester.

Upon studentsí completion of the first preparatory year of training, the leadership of the seminary decides whether they will be promoted to the second year. Thus the admission process is fully completed one year after initial enrollment.

At present, Lutheran Theological Seminary in Novosibirsk matriculates one class every two years. This is largely because of a current lack of space and full-time staff professors at the seminary. In the future, however, the plan is to move toward having a new class every year. A group of students was matriculated in September of 1999. Accordingly, the next class is to be enrolled in 2001.

If you would like to apply to LTS, or have a Russian-speaking friend who would like to enter the school, please contact the seminary administration at

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